The Rise of Luxury Student Accommodation

If you ask alumni from about their accommodation at university, they’ll tell you horror stories about rat infestations, excessive mould issues and freezing winters in uninsultated halls.

But in recent years, the trend for luxury student housing has been on the rise. There’s now legal standards in place which prevent the risk of poor living conditions for students, but habitable housing isn’t enough for some.

Many students are only willing to settle for the most luxurious, well equipped and modern housing for their three years of study. In this blog post acasa share their insight to suggest why luxury student accommodation is on the rise.

Branded living

Luxury accommodation, also known as “branded living” provides students with more than a roof over their head and a bed to sleep in. Branded living sells itself to students looking for shared facilities, modern decor, flexibility and comfort.

Some of the best branded living spaces on offer have everything from communal areas and gyms to bars, restaurants and even rooftop spaces!

These luxury, fully-equipped options aren’t the cheapest rooms going, but their perks, along with a tailored tenancy to fit in with university semesters, means that, for many, they’re proving worth the cost.

Creating a community

But it’s not just the glitz and glam of these luxury student living options that has led to their popularity.

On top of those perks, branded living provides the opportunity to be social with other students. Chill out spaces, study stations and games rooms allow students to work hard and play harder, all without spending an extra penny or leaving their accommodation complex.

From always having someone there to talk to after a long day to having a study buddy who can cheer you on through coursework, these luxury accommodation choices are helping students combat loneliness and isolation and helping to create a sense of community.

Luxury’s on the rise

You might think that luxury accommodation for students is a niche market, but it’s proven increasingly popular. With the demand for branded living accommodation on the rise, 400 housing companies are now known to offer branded living for students.

It’s all-inclusive approach to bills and living space and semester-tailored tenancies offer students a straight-forward solution for saving time, stress and—in some cases—money when it comes to moving away from home.

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