9 ways you can reduce the cost of moving

Moving house is exciting: a new start, a new view, a new neighbourhood… but the costs that can be involved can sometimes be less rosy. We’ve compiled a list of major moving costs, complete with nine handy tips on how to save in these areas, to help you with your budget.

Have a clear out

You don’t need to go full Marie Kondo to streamline your belongings, but through organisations like Freecycle, by donating to charity, or selling unwanted books, clothes and furniture online means you’ll travel lighter and spend less on removals.  

Investigate your deposit options 

This is the big one – your tenancy deposit, which can be up to five or six weeks’ rent, can be quite a sum to fork out at a time when the pressure on your wallet is already high. We recommend asking your agent whether they offer a deposit replacement service. This means you could reduce your upfront costs, so you can move without having to wait for an existing deposit to be returned to you first.

Shop around for quotes on removal companies or van hire

Before committing as prices can vary a lot, and read reviews carefully. Some companies may charge more for carrying furniture up more than two flights of stairs, and not all will insure your possessions in transit.

Pick your moving date carefully

Some removal companies increase their prices at weekends and during school holidays, so clever planning can mean a big saving.

Use secondhand moving boxes

Be kinder to the environment and keep some pennies for the new pad. You can buy them online and have them delivered to your door.

Consider switching your energy suppliers

You could get greener, better gas and electricity deals. With the majority of tenancies you’re entitled to choose your own suppliers, so start your research a week or two pre-move and you could be all set up in time for the big day. Then, provide move-day meter readings to your new and previous providers and you’re good to go.

Review your TV and broadband set-up

You could use this fresh start to your advantage to benefit from faster WiFi and more channels. Tell your current provider you’re thinking about moving on and see what they can offer you. Speaking to alternative providers in person will also help you compare deals and pick the right one for your needs.

Arrange contents insurance

Make sure your belongings are covered by insurance if they get damaged, stolen or lost. Once you’ve calculated roughly how much your things are worth, highlighting any high value items, it’s easy to compare providers. Separately, liability insurance will also protect you for any accidental damage to your rental property: something worth considering too.

Think about house management

Time is money, so is there anything you can do differently to make home life easier? Meal delivery services, apps for booking cleaners or investing in technology to control heating remotely can all save you precious minutes, leaving you free to spend your time on everything else.