Splittable FAQ

What is Splittable:

Splittable is a mobile app and web platform that helps you track, split and pay the people you live with back for any shared expense. Splittable is used by young professionals, couples and students around the world to stay on top of their household bills and know who is paying for what in their shared homes.

Splittable Services is currently in Alpha testing for a select number of users and a select few services. We are adding the ability to order, setup, pay, track and manage every household bill or service. Electricity and gas, water bills, cleaners, laundry, council tax… you name it. If you would like to sign up to be one of the first users of Splittable Services you can join our waitlist here.

What is Pay with Splittable? Is it free?

Pay with Splittable is 100% free! Pay with Splittable lets you send and receive money to the other people you share a home with from inside your Splittable app. The money will arrive to straight to your bank account within 1 business day. This feature is currently only available to our UK householders.

I sent money on Pay with Splittable to someone who hasn’t entered their payments details yet. What happens?

Money will not leave your account until the recipient is ready to receive the money. If you have sent money to someone who has not registered with Pay with Splittable, they will receive a reminder to set up their account to get the money. If they haven’t set up their account within 7 days of you sending the payment, no money will leave your account and the payment will be reverted inside Splittable.

Someone has transferred me money through Splittable, when will I see the money arrive to my account?

Generally, you should see the money arrive to your account within 1 business day.
If the money is sent after Friday at 3pm, it will not arrive in your account until after 9am on the following Monday.

I was transferred money 3 days ago, why is it still not in my account?

If a payment brings either you or the person sending you money to over £750 in transactions with Splittable, the payment will not go through until you have a verified proof of ID. You can upload your ID inside the app and it will be verified within 24 hours.

If you and the recipient have both verified your ID and the money has still not hit the correct account after 3 days, feel free to get in touch at support@splittable.co.

Why am I seeing transactions with the name Mango Pay on my bank statements?

Mango Pay is the name of our payments provider who is processing the payments you send through Splittable. You can learn more about Mango Pay on their website here.

<h2? Why do I need to upload my proof of identification in order to use Pay with Splittable? Is my ID safe?

Due to European wide payment security regulations, users must provide proof of identification in order to send more than £750. This is part of the KYC regulation which you can read more about here. 💸

Your ID is always safely encrypted throughout the uploading and verification process. It goes straight to our payment provider, Mango Pay, directly for verification. 🔑

How much money can I send through Splittable after I upload my proof of ID?

After uploading your proof of ID you will be able to send/receive maximum £5000 through Splittable each month. You are able to do this in a maximum of 30 payments per month. The smallest payment you can make is £0.10. These restrictions are implemented in order to prevent abuse of the service. 🔐


How is my money protected with Splittable?

Any money you send through Pay with Splittable is your money and we ensure that the money stays safe and secure throughout the entire transfer process. This is ensured because all funds are held in escrow by our payment provider MangoPay. MangoPay holds an E-Money Issuer (EMI) licence granted by the CSSF. They are a PCI-DSS compliant, accredited provider who keep your funds in secure, guaranteed e-wallets.

This process ensures that all money you send through Splittable stays available in full and is not put at risk at any point. We constantly monitor security and are always working to add additional security measures.

What do you do with my payment information?

Your payment information stays 100% encrypted and is held by our payment provider, MangoPay. They are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. PCI DSS is the worldwide standard that was set up to protect sensitive cardholder data. What that means is they do not even have access to any payment details you provide.

Can I find Splittable’s privacy policy?

Yes, it’s here. 🔐