So you have found a perfect home to rent and you are going to start living in a shared home. This can be a daunting thing as you’re moving in with people that you have never met before, but on the other hand if you are moving in with your friends you could be in for an amazing summer!

There are some things which you may want to consider and there might be some things which you might encounter. Take a look at our helpful guide to see how you can make the most out of your shared rental this summer.


Respect communal space

This can be one of the most important factors when living with someone. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own personal space. You obviously have your bedroom as your own space but there are many shared spaces within your home that need to be respected.


Make sure you do your bit to clean and tidy and keep your own belongings to a minimum. Work out with your house mate who will be putting their items in each room, for example, who will be supplying the sofa and the TV? The last thing you want is it to be packed with furniture!

Make friends with the people you live with

If you don’t know the people that you are going to be living with, you will need to make the effort to get to know them. If you get on, it will be easier to deal with any problems and you may even make some lifelong friends.

Have a cleaning system in place


Sometimes cleaning can cause a lot of arguments. Just remember to tidy up after yourself. Making a cleaning router can also be a good idea and sometimes will keep the peace.

Be respectful to other peoples schedules


People have different schedules and wake-up times, so you will need to be respectful of this. If someone has just come back from a nightshift and you are blasting music, you won’t be making your roommate very happy.

Label what is yours label

Right, this might sound a bit extreme but if you do not want people to touch your things (especially food), it is a good idea to label things. You can always have your own shelves in the fridge, and if you need to use someone’s milk, just ask!

Develop a system of communication

meme flatchat

Start a group chat on either Whatsapp or Facebook; this is a great way to keep everyone updated with the going-ons in the house. You can let everyone know that you will be working late and to keep the noise down and such.

Maybe just try to be a little more creative than ‘flat chat’ when naming it.

Track costs


This can sometimes cause a lot of arguments, you will need to split everything fairly and correctly. Even the small things can add up so be sure to use technology to help keep track of spending. Remember, acasa is a great tool to split costs with the people you live with ;D

Embrace your inner gardener


If you have a garden, the summer time is the perfect time to make the most of it. What better way to get to know your roommates than throwing a BBQ or garden party.

As long as you follow these tips you should have a carefree and happy summer in your home.


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