How Much Money You Could Be Losing Without acasa?

It’s no secret that better money management can save you serious cash if practiced over a period of time.

acasa helps making smart decisions become a part of your lifestyle as a house sharer, whether you’re a student, young professional or a couple keen to split the bills fairly.

But we do more than this. We can also save you money by pairing you with the some of the best value providers on the market, so as well as the reduction in stress, you can save real money with acasa too.

Not quite convinced? Keep reading to find out how much you could stand to lose by not signing up to acasa with your housemates today.

How much do we spend on utilities?

Brits are consistently spending more money than they need to on utilities and other household costs. This seems to be common knowledge, yet people feel somewhat powerless to do anything about it.

On average, a UK household spends £49 a month on electricity, £16.90 on broadband and £48 for gas. With more young people sharing than ever before, including couples living together to cut down on costs of living in the city, these costs end up being split multiple ways.

However, in the age of house sharing, it can be hard to keep track of who’s on top of their payments. If you’re sharing with strangers coming up with a plan for paying bills can create tension, if you’re living with friends… well, it can create tension then too.

With acasa, everyone is accountable for their own payments and everyone can see at a glance how much needs to be paid and when. It removes confusion, leaving you more time to enjoy your new or existing house share. acasa is designed to save you time and stress, as well as potentially save you money on your existing bills by teaming you up with award winning energy and broadband providers.

How much could acasa save me?

Depending on where you live and who your original provider is, acasa has been shown to save households up to £200 a year on their utility bills.

These kind of savings don’t happen by magic, but are made possible with an app that helps you make smart decisions about which provider to choose and then helps you manage your finances going forward.

We don’t believe people should have to compromise on quality or efficiency to save money, which is why we’ve scoured the country to find the most reliable providers at the best prices for our users. More information on our chosen providers’ pricing is available here.

We offer our users full transparency on bills, costs and balances at every turn. This isn’t just about keeping tabs on that one flatmate who seems to encounter money troubles whenever it’s time to pay up, it’s about keeping things fair all year round and making sure one person isn’t inadvertently shouldering more than their share of the cost.

With acasa, you can manage all of your household costs in one place, so there’s no maths involved in money management anymore, if that isn’t your thing. Stay on top of payments for groceries, essential items like cleaning products and loo roll, funds for joint birthday or Christmas presents and more.

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