How can I set up, edit or stop a recurring cost?

Recurring Costs The acasa app has a feature to automatically repeat or “recur” a cost for you at the frequency specified. For your monthly WiFi/Internet bill for example, you may wish to create a cost for the fixed amount, and set it to recur every month. This saves you (or […]

supplier terms and conditions

Your engagement with acasa is covered by our terms and conditions and privacy policy, which you must agree to during registration. Our terms also refer to third party terms and conditions (such as for MangoPay or Apple) where applicable. When signing up to suppliers we partner with or whose services […]

Moving in – what do I need to do?

We have a great list of things to sort out when moving into a new property on our blog. This article will go into a bit more detail about the specific services and how you’ll need to set them up. Bills Included Heads up! If you’d rather not deal with […]

Who is my current energy provider?

We can’t easily tell you who your current electricity and/or gas supplier is. However, as the person responsible for the bill, you’re able to find out your own supplier. The process depends on your region. Step 1 Use this search tool to find your energy “network operator”. The “operator” is […]

Clearing and Refreshing App Data

How We Store and Sync Data Your acasa app saves a copy of all your home’s cost and payment data so you can view it (and even record new costs and payments) even when you’re offline. When you come back online, your app will sync this data with acasa’s systems […]

How to contact acasa

acasa manages and shares all your home bills between housemates, and we’re always keen to help! Support is open 10AM – 5PM Monday to Friday. You can message us via the app. You’ll get a notification when we reply, and all chat history is available on the app. Simply tap […]

How do I take a water meter reading?

Most meters are read by the water company themselves twice a year and your water bills will usually be based on actual meter readings. It’s also possible that you don’t have a water meter at all. In this case, your usage is unlimited and unmeasured and your bill will be […]

We’re all moving out, what do we do next?

With our Bills Included package, moving out is a breeze. All you need to do is make sure you’ve told us your move-out date. We’ll be in touch near the end of your tenancy to confirm this for you. You can set your tenancy end date in the acasa app, […]