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How to pay for your TV Licence monthly – without paying extra

Did you know that when you pay your TV Licence monthly by Direct Debit, you need to pay double for the first six months? The following TV Licence price details are taken directly from the TV Licensing website. This money-saving tip is shared by acasa – an app which easily manages and divides up your […]

How Much Money You Could Be Losing Without acasa?

It’s no secret that better money management can save you serious cash if practiced over a period of time. acasa helps making smart decisions become a part of your lifestyle as a house sharer, whether you’re a student, young professional or a couple keen to split the bills fairly. But we do more than this. […]

How acasa Can Save You Up To £200 Per Year on Utilities

Whether you’re a student, young professional or a couple, house sharing can be more expensive than you’d imagine. Although it’s commonly a money-saving practice to live with other people, it can be more affordable for some than others if you fail to keep track of who’s paying for what, whether it all adds up fair […]