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How to split bills in a shared house

One of the biggest changes when moving into a shared house for the first time is deciding how to divide your various costs. Bill splitting also happens to be one of the biggest causes of household disagreements. Whether you’re a second-year student moving off-campus with a group of friends, a group of young professionals sharing […]

5 top websites for finding the perfect houseshare

House or flatsharing is become more and more common, given the state of the property market today. People are constantly looking for a room, or waiting for a special someone to fill it – and everyone wants to find the perfect houseshare. We’ve put together a few resources to help you in your flat-share search. […]

Should friends always split the bill equally?

Money and friends don’t always mix. Dealing with splitting bills, whether on a night out or living together, can be problematic. Whether you’ve recently entered into your first house share, or are going out for a meal, the sticky subject of how to divide up all the costs is going to come up at some […]

7 Important Tips When Moving into Your First Apartment

There’s no two ways about it. Moving into your first apartment is exciting. Finally having your own space and complete freedom is something every twenty-something looks forward to. From becoming an interior designer for the day to hosting your first house-warming—there’s a lot to look forward to. But along with all these exciting firsts comes […]

Flatmate house rules: What’s reasonable?

Every successful house share is based upon a good level of respect and understanding – but what’s an acceptable request when it comes to making house rules? No one wants passive aggressive lists of what they can and can’t do, but a house share without some basic ground rules can soon result in anarchy. If […]

Top 5 ways to have a green house share

It’s no secret that climate change is at the forefront of many peoples’ minds. With the temporary, all-for-one nature of house shares, it can be difficult sorting out how to make yours green – but even house shares have the ability to be environmentally friendly. With a few simple tweaks like working a little more […]

Everything you need to know about being referenced

You’ve found a property to rent, secured it with a holding deposit, and received your offer letter. Next up: referencing. Referencing is the process that letting agents or landlords go through to make sure you’ll be a good tenant and a suitable fit for the home you want to rent, before you sign the contract. […]

9 ways you can reduce the cost of moving

Moving house is exciting: a new start, a new view, a new neighbourhood… but the costs that can be involved can sometimes be less rosy. We’ve compiled a list of major moving costs, complete with nine handy tips on how to save in these areas, to help you with your budget. Have a clear out […]

Your complete checklist for moving home

Make moving day a little bit easier by getting organised with our complete moving home checklist. Follow this guide and you’ll have everything sorted in advance, from sorting your parking permits to making sure your broadband’s ready to go. Before the move  Consider utility switching. When starting a new tenancy, you can choose your gas […]

3 ways to score a great deal on rent

Scoring a great deal on rent isn’t impossible. Using data gathered by lettings platform Goodlord from hundreds of letting agents and ten of thousands of rental agreements, and put together our top tips for getting the best deal on rent for your next move. Move during the winter months The rental market starts to slow […]